Fellowships and Funding Opportunities

Fellowship opportunities

IMPAcT is actively supporting scholars whose research focuses on late medieval and early modern (‘postclassical’) Islamic intellectual history by offering an affiliation with IMPAcT through visiting fellowships, providing a platform for engagement and collaboration on workshops and other activities with a dedicated team.

Past Fellowship Opportunities

IMPAcT Final Year Dissertation Write-up Fellowships in 13th to 16th century Islamicate Intellectual History – Closing date 20 August 2014. For more information please refer here.

Postgraduate Research

Applications for postgraduate studies (M.St., M.Phil. and D.Phil.) are especially welcome. Information about postgraduate Studies at the Faculty of Oriental Studies at the University of Oxford can be found at:


For funding to carry out postgraduate studies at Oxford, see



Postdoctoral Research

IMPAcT welcomes inquiries by scholars interested in carrying out postdoctoral research at Oxford on relevant topics. For examples of schemes under which applications for funding for Visiting Fellowships can be submitted, see:



Arts & Humanities Research Council






We are interested in receiving inquiries about research fellowships that focus on late medieval and early modern (‘postclassical’) Islamic history and thought at any time. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact us early on. Please note that all applications have to be approved by the Faculty of Oriental Studies and the Humanities Division at the University of Oxford, which only meet during term time. Usually a decision will be reached within 3 months; decisions about enquiries made over the summer vacation may take longer.  Informal enquires are encouraged and may be made to Dr Judith Pfeiffer (email: judith.pfeiffer@orinst.ox.ac.uk).