IMPAcT Lecture Series Spring 2012

Transmit, Transform, Transcend: IMPAcT lecture series on Late Medieval and Early Modern Islamicate Intellectual History (click to see the flyer)

Trinity Term 2012, Tuesdays or Thursdays, 17:00-18:30                                                         Venue: Eccles Room, Pembroke College, Oxford


Week 1, Tuesday 24/4/2012

Matthew Melvin-Koushki

The occult challenge to philosophy in early 15th century Iran


Week 2, Tuesday 01/5/2012

Ertuğrul Ökten

Countering messianism in the 15th century: ‘Abd al-Rahman Jami’s recasting of Islamic spirituality in the 15th century


Week 4, Thursday 17/5/2012

Amalia Levanoni

The Mamluks and the ulama: A comfortable symbiosis or a growing process of Mamluk takeover?

NB: Lecture will be held in the Mackesy Room


Week 5, Thursday 24/5/2012

Wahid Amin

The ghost of Ghazali in the 13th century: Nasir al-Din Tusi and the question of ‘Islamic’ philosophy


Week 6, Thursday 31/5/2012

İlker Evrim Binbaş

The King’s Two Bodies in Islamic history: Reflections on Timurid and Ottoman political theology


Week 7, Friday 08/6/2012

Heidrun Eichner

To shape a discipline: Discourses on the definition and constitution of religious sciences during the Mongol period