Walter Edward Young









ERC Post-doctoral Research Officer


Research Interests

  • Dialectical Disputation Theory (jadal, munāẓara, ādāb al-baḥth)
  • Legal Theory (uṣūl al-fiqh)
  • Logic (manṭiq)
  • Post-Classical Islamic Philosophy
  • Codicology and Manuscript Traditions

Current Projects

  • On the Proper Guidelines of Dialectical Investigation (Ādāb al-Baḥth): A Critical Edition and Parallel Translation of the Sharḥ al-Risāla al-Samarqandiyya by Quṭb al-Dīn Muḥammad al-Kīlānī (fl. 830/1427) prefaced by a parallel translation of the Risāla fī Ādāb al-Baḥth by Shams al-Dīn Muḥammad al-Samarqandī (d.702/1302)

Courses Taught

  • Central Questions in Islamic Law (Part I: Premodern Theory and Practice)

Recent and Forthcoming Publications

  • The Dialectical Forge: Juridical Disputation and the Evolution of Islamic Law (forthcoming; Springer monograph series: Logic, Argumentation & Reasoning)
  • “Have You Considered (Ara’ayta)? Don’t You See (Alā Tarā)? Further on the Dialectical Formulae of Early Islam” (forthcoming; proceedings: “Patterns of Argumentation in Late Antique and Early Islamic Interreligious Debates;” 2nd workshop of the ERC project ‘Defining Belief and Identities in the Eastern Mediterranean: the Role of Interreligious Debate and Interaction [DEBIDEM]’)
  • “Origins of Islamic Law,” Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Law
  • “Karakī, ʿAlī (1466-1534),” Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Politics
  • “Uṣūl al-Fiqh,” Oxford Islamic Studies Online (originally for Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Finance)