Christopher A. Markiewicz












ERC Final Year Dissertation Write-up Fellow


Research Interests:

  • Islamic historiography, especially Timurid and Ottoman (15th-16th c.)
  • Political thought after the Mongols (13th-16th c.)
  • Chanceries and administration in Persian and Ottoman lands

Current Project:

Dissertation: “The Crisis of Rule in Late Medieval Islam: A Study of Idrīs Bidlīsī and Governance at the Turn of the Sixteenth Century” (University of Chicago, expected June 2015)

The project examines the Ottoman transition to early modern modes of governance by exploring the life and works of Idrīs Bidlīsī (1457-1520), a scholar and statesman in Persian and Ottoman lands who witnessed, recorded, and sought to shape the major geo-political transformations of his day. These transformations included the unraveling of the medieval Islamic political order and its replacement by an Ottoman empire that would dominate the Near Eastern landscape in the following four hundred years.

Further Info:

Co-founder of, a website dedicated to aiding scholars and researchers working on the Middle East through publishing reviews of archives and manuscript libraries around the world.